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Bombshelter Films is Mike Saenz's production company. Mike Saenz is a filmmaker based in Austin, Texas.

His USC short film, "Casablanca" was an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival. As editor, Mike Saenz has cut feature films and documentaries, both long form and short, for theatrical, TV, and web exhibition. His first feature as editor, “Special,” was selected for the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. He edited “In Perpetuity,” a documentary featurette produced by the USC Shoah Foundation Institute in partnership with Steven Spielberg. The film aired with “Schindler’s List” on HBO.

Saenz edited Richard Linklater's first television series, "Up to Speed," featuring Timothy "Speed" Levitch.

He has worked as assistant editor for Sandra Adair on Richard Linklater's "Bernie," "Before Midnight," and most recently on "Boyhood," which is currently nearly every movie critic's choice for best film of 2014.

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How ‘Boyhood’ Editor Sandra Adair Helped Shape The Film’s 12-Year Evolution|Filmmakers,FilmIndustry,FilmFestivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire


Indiewire published a nice interview with Sandra about editing “Boyhood.”

It’s always nice to get a shout out by name, even for one sentence. Thanks Sandra and Indiewire.

“In the end, my current assistant, Mike Saenz, still had a lot of sorting out to do but we managed to complete the project on Avid with only a few hitches.”

There you go.

I still think a long and very arcane article on the minutiae of our finishing process is in order. It would make 5 Assistant Editors in the world very happy.


Twitter / Mike_Saenz: “Boyhood” cast and crew screening …

Twitter / Mike_Saenz: “Boyhood” cast and crew screening ….

Group picture of the “Boyhood” cast and crew from the July 13, 2004 Austin premiere. Unfortunately, you can’t see my face in this picture, but I think you can figure out which one I am.

metal. \m/




Boyhood’s Sandra Adair and Mike Saenz on the technical challenges of editing a twelve year film shoot | KRTS 93.5 FM Marfa Public Radio

"Boyhood" Asst. Editor Mike Saenz, and Editor, Sandra Adair, A.C.E.

“Boyhood” Asst. Editor Mike Saenz, and Editor, Sandra Adair, A.C.E.













This is me looking like I had just been rained on.

A few months ago, Karen Bernstein of Marfa Public Radio interviewed Sandra Adair, A.C.E. and me for a piece on the technical challenges of editing “Boyhood.” Reminder to myself; I really need to write that article on the finishing process that will be of tremendous interest to an extremely small number of people.

From MPR’s page:

“Opening the Marfa Film Festival tonight, Richard Linklater’s newest film, Boyhood, encompasses media shot over a 12 year period. The film has been called a masterpiece but this interview with acclaimed editor Sandra Adair and her assistant, Mike Saenz, reveals the often bumpy technological road behind matching camera codecs and edit formats. Interview was recorded during this past SXSW film, interactive and music festival where Boyhood was premiered in Texas. Boyhood opens in theaters nationwide on July 18th.”

You can listen after the jump.

Boyhood’s Sandra Adair and Mike Saenz on the technical challenges of editing a twelve year film shoot | KRTS 93.5 FM Marfa Public Radio.


Sundance 2014: Richard Linklater to debut ambitious ‘Boyhood’ –



And now it can be told:

I’ve been serving as Sandra Adair’s assistant editor again…this time on Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood,” which will be making its debut in the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

From the LA Times:

“Linklater and the cast would take a few weeks each year to shoot the movie, essentially filming another chapter in the fictional family’s life, so that you’re watching a child (and his parents) grow up before your eyes. And you’re watching it naturally, not with the swap-in-older-actors, film-it-all-in-six-weeks compressed approach of most movies about family.”

You can check out the rest of the article here:

Sundance 2014: Richard Linklater to debut ambitious ‘Boyhood’ –

One of these days, perhaps soon, I will write a detailed and arcane description of what it was like to post a film over the course of twelve years.

I don’t mean to self-aggrandize, but I can truthfully speculate that it’s a process that I don’t think anybody else has gone through in the history of cinema.

Yeah, that didn’t sound very modest. But I can’t think of another film that shot on 35mm over the course of 12 years and continued cutting on 2002 technology. When we got out of our Delorean, nobody finished films the way they did in 2002. How did we adapt?

It will be a riveting tale of technology’s march forward that will be of interest to about 4 assistant editors in the country. But I’m here to tell that tale.

Soon. Perhaps.


Public Domain footage from the Prelinger Archive. Editing and soundtrack by Mike Saenz.