Austin Chronicle: “Film Flam: Speed hits Hulu…”

Up to Speed

‘Up To Speed,’ Speed Levitch’s new travel series in collaboration with Rick Linklater, debuts this week.

The Austin Chronicle’s article on “Up to Speed” does us all a kindness by giving shoutouts to the Austin based crew. Thanks to Kimberly Jones for the article.

Here is an excerpt:

“Weird” is definitely one of the watchwords for Speed Levitch (The Cruise); see also “spiritual,” “learned,” “funny,” and “indefatigably curious.” He brings all those qualities to a new travel series helmed by Richard Linklater, following previous collaborations like “Live From Shiva’s Dance Floor” and Waking Life. Premiering this Thursday, Aug. 9. on Hulu, Up to Speed bops around the country to explore the lesser-seen side of a town’s history and inhabitants. While Austin only pops up in the sixth episode, devoted to the tour guiding trade, the bulk of the crew is hometown-proud, including exec producer Alex Lipschultz, editor Mike Saenz, animators Jake Mendez and Marc English, composer Graham Reynolds, cameraman Shane Kelly, and photographer Dan Winters, who, according to Lipschultz, “built us a spaceship.” Intrigued? Me too. You’ll have to tune into the Kansas/Missouri episode for the answer.

Up to Speed debuts Aug. 9 on Hulu with a San Francisco-themed episode, “A City Shaped By Earthquakes.”

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