Sundance Premiere of “Before Midnight”

So here I am, shortly before the Sundance Film Festival 2013 premiere screening of “Before Midnight.” This picture was taken by editor Sandra Adair. I think by this point of the day, I’d been snowmobiling with Richard Linklater and crew and had cruised my way through the Texas Filmmaker’s party, the “Before Midnight” pre-party, and had somehow found my way through the throngs of people to my seat with the cast/crew. The festivities would continue until past 4 am.














This movie is great. People of normally cynical disposition are throwing around the word, “perfect.” Here’s a review:

Variety: “Before Midnight” is the richest and fullest expression of one of the great modern movie romances.

I’m still working on what to say about all this, but here are some more pictures:

Mike Saenz and Richard Linklater

Here is one of Rick and me.





Here’s another with me, trying to remember to how to hold my head up when taking a picture. Next to me is Post Super Laura Yates, Composer Graham Reynolds, Director Richard Linklater, Editor Sandra Adair, and her husband, Dwight Adair.