LOGLINE: Star-crossed couple tries to escape from shady existence in Texas town.

“Dodge” is my feature writing/directorial debut.

This site showcases the characters, locations, and look of "Dodge." Most of these pictures were taken during our location scout in Texas. Some of them are from established filmmakers or photographers.

The film will look and feel like this:

The Story

Texas, present: MARLON (early 20s) and JACK (early 30s) are brothers doing odd shady jobs for local bigshot HARVARD (50s) and trying to find a way to a better future elsewhere. MARLON is stuck on his ex-girlfriend LYDIA. While they were dating, she survived being struck by lightning. It was a life changing event. She left Marlon to “figure stuff out,” but promised to come back when the time was right.

After a couple of years, MARLON’s patience with his stuck life reaches a breaking point. He secretly helps WALTER, the husband Harvard’s cuckolding, to bury the wife he’s accidentally killed. Walter pays Marlon for it with a load of cash Walter knows to belong to Harvard.

With cash in hand, Marlon calls his former love Lydia to ride out of town to a better future with him. She isn’t sure with whether to trust him, and lives by a sixth sense for danger the lightning has given her.

After many double-crosses and sacrifices, Marlon and Lydia, bruised but alive, manage to get out of town.

The Script